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Typical Session. AOR

What can I expect in a typical session?

A typical session will last for about 45minutes. The first appointment may take a little longer as a detailed medical history needs to be taken. Shoes and socks will need to be removed. The client will be made to feel comfortable in a reclining chair. The reflexology treatment will begin with a relaxation sequence to calm the mind and promote a sense of peace. The treatment can then commence and this will involve pressure being applied to points on the feet in order to work points that correspond to areas of the body. Some of the areas may feel tender during a treatment. Other sensations that may be experienced during a treatment treatment include feeling hot, cold, sleepy,thirsty emotional, talkative. All of these reactions are perfectly normal and just the beginning of the healing process. Treatments can be carried out at variable intervals - some clients will have treatments weekly whilst others 2 weekly or even monthly.

Hot Stone Reflexology - Basalt stones are heated and used as part of the reflexology treatment. The stones vary in size and can be used to massage the legs or to work slightly deeper in some areas. Treatments with hot stones tend to take a little longer - approx 1hour 15minutes.

Everybody is different regarding how they feel after a treatment. Some clients will feel tired and emotional but within a few days this should clear and the benefits of the treatment will start to become evident. This quite often depends on what issues the client is experiencing in their day to day lives.

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